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legacy_writers's Journal

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Legacy Writers, we're up for the challenge.
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A place where legacy writers can get together and chat

The point of this community is for Legacy Writers to have a place to compare notes, share problems, and just socially network. Also a place for people new to writing Legacies to come and get advice from people with more experience.

1. No advertising of any stories is allowed here. If you want to advertise your story please head over to legacychallenge. If you are caught advertising said post WILL be deleted. If you continue to do this then you will be banned from the community.

2. Questions of any kind are allowed. The point of this community is just as much to answer questions as it is to share experiences.

3. Anything that you have to post that you think may be useful to the community post it. We aren't going to bite you.

4. Be nice, no one likes a jerk

5. Please do not use netspeak or lolcat speak to an excess, sometimes it's funny, but six paragraphs of it is more than any normal can handle!

6. If you have already posted in either thesims2 or legacychallenge, please do not cross-post here as well. The majority of us here are members in either or even both communities already and don't need to see the same thing multiple times on our friends pages. Cross-posted posts will be deleted.

7. If a mod tells you to knock off your behaviour, please do. Repeatedly violating rules, backchatting members and/or mods will get you hit with the ban stick. What a mod says and does, goes. We will consider all suggestions and input, but in the end, the final decision is ours.

If you are looking for an honest opinion on your legacy we can give it to you! Here's what you should do!

1. Make a new post, title it Critique My Legacy: (enter your legacy name here)

2. Post a link to where your legacy is kept. For example if I were to do it mine would be

Critique My Legacy: The Wylde Legacish

my legacy is housed at wylde_sims.

DO NOT Post teaser pics or other adverts. that is not the point! From there other members of the community will go check out your legacy and come back with criticisms.

A few things to keep in mind:

1. If you don't want to hear anything bad about your Legacy than don't ask for a critique. People aren't making suggestions as a personal attack on you, but they may not always have wonderful things to say.

2. Critiquers this is not an open forum to be a bitch. Make sure that your comments are constructive and offer suggestions on how to fix things. I don't want to see things like 'omg you suck so bad'. That will not be tolerated, if you're a hater you will be banned.

3. If you don't like what people are saying about your legacy DO NOT comment with 'why are you so mean?' or 'why do you hate me?'. If they are being really bitchy contact a mod and we will deal with them. If on the other hand they are just giving you advice you just don't want to hear ... well get over it, you asked for the critique. Emoness will also not be tolerated. You will be warned to knock it off and if you don't well ... we'll deal with it then.

This is meant to be an open and honest forum. If it turns into bitchfest '07 I will end it!

slapdash_sims a sims photo taking contest community. Super awesome!

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