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27 May 2008 @ 04:01 pm
The Simmys 2008  
I always wanted to do an awards show of sorts for my Sims. You know, Best Heir, Most Successful, Biggest Whore... that sort of thing. I thought it would be a fun way to look back at all the great (and not-so-great) Sims I've played over the years. I finally decided to do it today, and made it into a survey to share with the community so we can all have fun with it.

You can use Sims from all of your legacies, if you have more than one. Or even Sims that weren't part of a legacy! Pictures are awesome, but not required. Feel free to add more categories!

Handy dandy cut-and-paste form!

Biggest Bitch:
No contest! Danica Dallas, queen of the angryface.

Biggest Sweetheart:
Aww, Cameron Foxworth. He had ten nice points, so he was always tipping musicians, apologizing to people who pissed him off, and hugging everyone. Even though he was a romance Sim, he was perfectly content to be a monogamous family man after I married him off.

Most Spectacularly Stupid:
Not technically from the legacy bloodline, but I can't not pick him: Danica Dallas's husband, Kent Whitaker. The dumb, it hurts me.

Kent: Hi honey, I'm home! Waaaaait a minute...

Kent: Oh hi honey! I didn't realize you were already home from work!


Dionne Dallas, with her giggle fits and her hate of everything in the whole world (including the actual world).


Biggest Alcoholic:
Gisselle Kourtney, although I'm pretty sure the custom bar I was using was glitched or had an insanely high attraction rate.

Most Successful:
Ambria Mayfair. She was quite the overacheiver, reaching the top of her career as a teenager, and acheiving three LTWs.

Most Haz Fail:
Brody Dallas, who liked sleeping with his mother, who would've died numerous times if I hadn't instructed him to eat or sleep, and who was responsible for one of the most hilarious scenes I ever witnessed in my game.

Brody: Mmm, so cheesy.

Brody: No wait, I really do think I smell something burning...

Brody: What's for dessert?

Biggest Whore:
Lydia Mayfair, though possibly only because her LTW was to WooHoo with twenty different Sims, which I indulged. Biggest natural whore would have to be Erin Dallas, a family Sim who enjoyed casual sex in photobooths quite frequently.

Most Stylish:
Oh, I just loved Reid Foxworth's sexy shaved head and shades.

Is there any question? Miss Split Personalities herself, Kendra Dallas, and of course her alterego, Antikendra. She cackled evilly as a child, couldn't decide whether she was for or against same-sex relationships as a teen, and, well... just had trouble functioning in general as an adult.

Kendra: How much milk does this recipe call for? Ah, one cup. I'll also need an egg, some sugar...

Antikendra: Arsenic, cyanide... ah yes, my plan to rule the world through muffins will soon come to fruition! MEH HEH HEHHHHH!

Kendra: Oh, how nice. I'm glad you've found someone, Grandmother.


Kendra: My utmost apologies for that outburst, ma'am. I don't know what came over me.

Kendra: But I love him!
Antikendra: NO, WE HATE HIM.
Kendra: ...I'm so confused!

Kendra: It's just like her to leave a mess for me to clean up.
Antikendra: SHE'S DEAD >:D

Most Untimely Death:
Danica Dallas. Ironically the first accidental death I'd ever had, and the only one I wouldn't ever have wanted.

Most Frustrating:
Again I'm going out of the bloodline to say Kent Whitaker. Besides being the biggest idiot ever, he would not die, even when by all rules of the game he should have. His hunger bar nearly emptied out one day (because he wouldn't autonomously feed himself even when standing next to a fridge) and got stuck, and lasted an entire day with only a sliver of red. I finally had to cheat to force him to die.

Biggest Lulz Bringer:
Oh man. It was hard, but I have to go with Kendra Dallas. Her insanity kept me laughing every time I played the family.

Most Loving Parent:
Logan Mayfair, who not only took great care of his own two sons, but his niece as well, who was pretty much ignored by her own mother.

Most Neglectful Parent:
Kendra Dallas, who was only neglectful to one of her children, Dionne, but so much so that she deserves this title.

Best Storyline:
It was quite ~controversial~, but I adored it: the love triangle of Ambria Mayfair, Whitney Mayfair, and Gavin Andersen. For those that didn't read this legacy (or have forgotten), Ambria had a daughter, Whitney, with another man before she married Gavin, who raised Whitney as his stepdaughter. Fast forward eighteen years, and when Whitney witnesses her mother cheating on Gavin with Whitney's biological father, she and Gavin turn to each other for comfort, and end up sleeping together. After the birth of their twins, Whitney and Gavin continued their affair, and Ambria never found out about it. After Ambria's death and the twins' traumatizing discovery that their grandfather was actually their father, Whitney and Gavin finally began a real relationship.

Best Caption:
Well, it wouldn't be a funny caption without the hilarious picture, but I still can't read this without laughing.

Hayden: Oh, fuck this shit. Where's my beer? *drop*

Best Teaser Picture:

Cutest Toddler:
Gisselle Kourtney. She's my all-around favorite toddler ever because of her penchance for rebelling against nannies and sleeping in garbage.

Cutest Child:
I have to go with Gisselle Kourtney again. Although to make it a bit fairer, I'll throw Jeannette Faraday in there, even though she was a clone of her townie father.

Hottest Teenager:
Christopher Mayfair. I am not ashamed to admit I drooled over pixels.

Hottest Adult:
Hayden Dallas, if only because Christopher Mayfair lost some of his femininity as an adult.

Hottest Elder:
Camille Foxworth. Well, more beautiful than hot, but seriously, best elder transition ever, I think.

Overall Ugliest:
Blake Foxworth. Some people have said he isn't that bad, but ugh. There are so many things wrong with his face.

Biggest Turnaround (ugly to attractive, or attractive to ugly):
Lilly Faraday, who went from being the most disturbing-looking toddler I've ever had to a unique beauty.

Best Spouse:
Cheryl Kody, Christopher Mayfair's wife. I don't know what it was about her, but I fell in love with her the moment she moved into the house. I generally don't pay much attention to spouses, preferring to focus on the heir or the heir's children, but I followed Cheryl around the house and treated her like my #1!

Best Non-Family Character:
The Dallas's kinky maid, who was always around when people were about to have sex, and always seemed excited by it.

Best Non-Human:
I haven't had many, so I'll have to give Kendra Dallas another mention for her stint as a vampire.

Best Pet:
Again... haven't had many. I'm gonna go with the Dallas's cat, Rover, for being the only cat I've had who could use the toilet. And for having the name Rover.

Best Couple:
Gonna have to go with Whitney Mayfair and her stepfather, Gavin Andersen. So dramatic and tragic. I can't resist.

Best Non-Heir:
Helena Dallas cracked me up so hard, and would've probably been heir if she'd had more of her mother's looks. She was the most incesty Sim I've ever had, constantly giving "family kisses" to both of her brothers, and routinely slipping into Hayden's bed instead of sleeping in her own. She also peed in the shower, when she actually used the shower instead of sponge bathing. She was one crazy cat.

Best Heir:
I can't choose just one! Christopher Mayfair, Genevieve Foxworth, and Kendra Dallas all win for this category for being awesomely awesome.

Overall Best Sim:
Again, I can't choose between my two favorite Sims ever: Christopher Mayfair and Danica Dallas. I loved Christopher from the moment of birth because I gave him my favorite name. He had so much charm, and he grew up to be one of the best-looking Sims born in my game. I still have a soft spot in my heart for him even though it's been two years since I actually played him! And Danica... she was definitely the most fun to play, had tons of personality, and was the one Sim I couldn't bear to let die; thanks to a resurrection and lots of Elixir of Life, she lived into the fourth generation of the legacy she founded.

racetrackd(;racetrackd on May 27th, 2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
Ahh this was fun to look at! Christopher Mayfair :O Agreed on the hottest teenager. All your sims are really pretty though~

Best Storyline. That was sooo cool. You played it out really well. And now I wanna go back and read Mayfairs. Hmm. :D:D

If I wasn't super lazy, I'd do this too. Alas, I'm lazy. :x
imaginepageantimaginepageant on May 27th, 2008 10:25 pm (UTC)
LOL, it made me want to go back and read the Mayfairs again too. :D

_simplyrandom_simplyrandom on May 27th, 2008 09:18 pm (UTC)
Oh man, the old days. Now I'm looking at the old Photobucket page that had all the Branch pics on it. I can't even remember half their names- only Dio, Hera, Lilika, Dewy, Penelope, and Cassia. I'm so bad :(

I look back at the old content too, and remember how paysites were elite. I subbed Peggy for like 1 year straight ($120 went down the drain), gave Rose $16 (just mere weeks before PMBD came on the scene), had a 6 month subscription to TSR. I can't believe I thought the pay stuff was good back then- they definitely do not stand the test of time.

imaginepageantimaginepageant on May 27th, 2008 10:27 pm (UTC)
YES, I remember subbing to Peggy and feeling all elite because I had the ~cool~ hairs. Now you look at those hairs and it's like, ew, what we were thinking?!
Ammybear: Busy Chaosamaryssobellus on May 27th, 2008 09:52 pm (UTC)
I remember the Mayfairs so well. Whitney's affair with her stepfather... scandalous! Loved every mintue of it.

Genevieve Foxworth. Wow. She was just too much even for herself. :)

Oh and Kendra! ANTIKENDRA! LOL.
I Am Truley Sorry For Your Lotsprescilla_bean on May 27th, 2008 09:56 pm (UTC)
Loved this! And I will always love Danica, Kendra/Antikendra. Now I have to go back and read the Mayfair legacy, I think that's the only one of yours that I haven't read.
imaginepageantimaginepageant on May 27th, 2008 10:28 pm (UTC)
And it's the only one I've actually finished!
I Am Truley Sorry For Your Lotsprescilla_bean on May 28th, 2008 12:17 am (UTC)
Tell me about it, I'm currently farther on the Brandts than I've been in any legacy I've started.
simrenity on May 27th, 2008 10:19 pm (UTC)
This was a delightful read.

I don't remember much of the Mayfairs, but wow at that storyline. Can we say V.C. Andrews, anyone?

Kendra is one of the most memorable sims to me.

I hope more people do posts like this!
imaginepageantimaginepageant on May 27th, 2008 11:14 pm (UTC)
You should do it, the Emerys alone have tons of Sims to choose from!
DICKFACEHEAD/DUE TO THIS MUSCLE: mayadothesmustle on May 27th, 2008 10:21 pm (UTC)
Haha, this looks like so much fun.

I've only read the Dallases + any legacy you did after that, but it was still fun to see.

Oh man, Kendra/AntiKendra was(were?) great. LOL @ her fearing the psychology major(I guess she doesn't want to know the truth XD)

Kendra: But I love him!
Antikendra: NO, WE HATE HIM.
Kendra: ...I'm so confused!

Also: This whole line made me laugh so much.
rainbow flyer。rainbowflyer on May 27th, 2008 10:40 pm (UTC)
AWESOME. I am so doing this. :D

Every single one of your sims manage to be super awesome. \o/ D-Danica ♥♥♥
Simgaroopsimgarooop on May 27th, 2008 10:52 pm (UTC)

I loved this entry! The Mayfairs will always be my favorite story-based legacy (and a huge source of inspiration too), so it was awesome to see them again.

I still remember its incredible and touching ending. I think my fave heir in that legacy was Gen 10... Taylor? (I can't remember well his name). His storyline was also pretty amazing, although not as the twisted story between Gavin and Whitney!

And Kendra was really a hilarious sim! :D

Thanks for sharing this with us. I'd love to try this too ^^

imaginepageantimaginepageant on May 27th, 2008 11:13 pm (UTC)
Wow, that means a lot to hear you say my legacy was a source of inspiration, since your legacy is one of my all-time favorites, and is inspiring me to do another story-based one!

I hope you do it; the Broke legacy alone has TONS of Sims to choose from!
Lindsay: azula//avatar//crackedamethyststeam on May 27th, 2008 11:24 pm (UTC)
This is amazing. xD

Also, I'm loving the pictures and descriptions so much that I think I'll have to go and read your legacies over the summer (after this Friday, yess!!); I don't know why I never saw them before---they look awesome and hilarious. ;3

(And I too am going to have to do this, either for the Yagami Legacy or the Piedras.....or maybe a combo of both. xD)
Lindsay: athena//thesims2//crazyamethyststeam on May 27th, 2008 11:27 pm (UTC)
Also: completely off-topic, but what the heck is up with LJ? That was not the userpic I picked. >>;;
imaginepageantimaginepageant on May 28th, 2008 12:17 pm (UTC)
I hope you do! I was hoping to see lots of these from other people but I'm the only one so far. :(

If you want to read my legacies, the first one (Mayfairs, only finished one) is in the memories of this LJ. Then there's foxworthlegacy and dallaslegacy. The other's really aren't long enough to even bother with. :\
coma girlcomagirl_ on May 28th, 2008 12:23 am (UTC)
Oh man! This makes me wish I'd done enough legacy stuff to be able to do this thing :D

Other people should post links to their posts!
Tish: kingmike1224ladydragonair on May 28th, 2008 01:46 am (UTC)
I have never read this legacy but the sims do look like an interesting bunch.
imaginepageantimaginepageant on May 28th, 2008 12:20 pm (UTC)
They're from a bunch of different legacies, actually. :D
metaldreams: Leo Jonesmetaldreams on May 28th, 2008 03:33 am (UTC)
Nice idea! I loved Christopher too =)
Unfortunately I don't have enough material to do this at the moment, but hopefully in the future I will ^__^
80sfiend: Karma-Promise80sfiend on May 28th, 2008 03:57 am (UTC)
Aww I LOVE your legacies!!! :D

Especially the Mayfairs, so much love for them. :D I loved the Whitney/Gavin storyline. :D

Your Sims are awesome, they have so much personality!
vapid airheadsimplicist on May 28th, 2008 04:52 am (UTC)
this is totally an awesome idea. I seriously wouldn't even know where to start with all of my fucking retarded sims, though, haha. I'd have about 60 for "MOST FRUSTRATING/BIGGEST FAIL/MOST FUCKTARDED" and the whatnot.

lmao, I totes remember that Whitney/Gavin thing, even though I think it was before I was hip with the legacies or whatever and I was just lurking about legacychallenge like a creepass.


imaginepageantimaginepageant on May 28th, 2008 12:44 pm (UTC)
vapid airheadsimplicist on May 29th, 2008 02:09 am (UTC)
Quinkiequinctia on May 28th, 2008 05:43 am (UTC)
On some level, I think I knew those were all YOUR legacies, but it's hard to keep track with all the journal names and such. I was like...wait, those are all YOURS? XD

Reid Foxworth was sexy! I've been wanting to have someone who could pull that look off ever since, but it hasn't happened. (I have the stubble-hair...I'm ready to use it!)

This is perfect timing, I just hit Gen 10 with the Laurinces. Though I will probably use all my legacies, since I can't not use Dominick Deline for sexiest. XD
imaginepageantimaginepageant on May 28th, 2008 12:47 pm (UTC)
Hah, yeah, I didn't want my own LJ to get cluttered with public legacy posts (since the personal stuff is flocked), so I made separate LJs to keep each legacy organized... now I wish I hadn't because I'm sure 90% of people who have read them don't realize they're all by me. That's why I started the Wilders in this one.

Reid, mmm. Funnily enough I am now with a guy who shaves his head (see icon). Reid came long before him, but I actually gave Evan Dallas the shaved head because I liked it so much on my boyfriend (who wasn't my boyfriend at that point).
bimbo_zombiebimbo_zombie on May 28th, 2008 10:46 am (UTC)
I should try something like that...
however none of my legacies have made it past generation 2. Mostly because I tend to delete them out of boredom...
I really need to do more legacies.