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Legacy Writers and Advertising

Hey guys! Just a quick note, I realize that most (if not all? IDK) of the moderators have moved over to tumblr or moved on from the sims but this community still has rules.


I've been lax in checking this but I wont be anymore. I'll come through once a week and delete everything, there are plenty of other communities you can advertise in.

thanks for understanding.

xx Simnels

Windows Live Writer Issues;


Hi there, 

This isn't a question about the Sims 2 Game, it's rather about posting a chapter of my legacy, i hope this is allowed because i really need help. 
To post any livejournal posts i use Windows Live Writer, because it's fast, clean and easy. I've done it for so long now, ALWAYS used Windows Live Writer, almost since it's arrival. I've updated it as my computer asks me and it still works great each time. 

Until now, 
a few days ago i could post pictures and updates with pictures from Windows Live Writer onto my livejournal account no problem at all as per usual. 
Now, if i post a post to Livejournal with just words no pictures, it works fine. But as soon as i add any kind of picture whether it be PNG or JPG, all these errors come up. Some times i'll have an error the first time i try and post it, the next time i try it has a totally different error. It's like it really has no idea what it's doing. 
One of the errors was "stacks empty" then it changed to "this blog host can not store photos please set up an FTP site." I know that one is COMPLETELY wrong because a few days earlier i could post pictures perfectly and if i try and set up the FTP site, it NEVER works no matter what site i use. 
I've even created a different blog at blogger and wordpress and both do the exact same thing. So it's not just Livejournal. 

It's like the program is making up all these stupid exuces on how not to post pictures. I LOVE Windows Live Writer and it's never done such a thing, im hoping there's a way to fix this issue because i really hate using photobucket and the origional livejournal post editor. It takes forever just to upload photos then to edit them THEN to write it. 
Windows Live Writer is just so simple... 

Please help, 
thanks in advance.

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Plot for legacy founder

Hey there! I have a question for all of you. As legacy writers who do plot stories in your legacy how do you come up with a plot for your founder? I know there's the elvish legacy plot, have to restore the race or create an elvish race, that's been used so much but what about the normal legacy founders who don't have elf ears? I have a founder who doesn't have elf ears and I'm finding it a little bit hard to write a plot for him as to why he would start a Legacy. So any of your thoughts or ideas would be wonderful for my inspiration. Thanks.